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Warmly congratulate the 2012 power supply network technology exchanges and the successful conclusion

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Views:4375 Published:2012/12/5 11:40:28
Warm congratulations to the 2012 power supply network technology exchange conference a complete success!

       Shenzhen Guanghua School of Innovation and Technology Co., Ltd. has for three consecutive years to participate in the power network Annual Technical Conference.

       Division I adhering to the "professional, focused, concentrate on" the spirit of enterprise, is committed to the introduction and promotion of foreign latest lighting technology, services many domestic small and medium enterprises, this exhibition brought NXP Semiconductors, the company's full line of LED driver programs and Infineon semiconductor the latest generation of ICL8002G stepless dimming LED driver program to get a warm response from customers, promote the upgrading of products and the development of the industry ...

       We look forward to open up a bright future with you to create brilliant!
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